Hand-made clothes with a story.


One-off creations with a free spirit in mind.


Global designs. Locally-produced. Artisan-inspired.

AVANA's creations are handcrafted with a free spirit in mind. Each item telling an individual story, with no two being exactly the same.

Our gender-fluid garments meld strength and sensuality. Sleek and timeless, they are easily worn by people of all shapes and backgrounds.


AVANA’s vision is to dispel boundaries. These one-off pieces empower men and women alike, while bridging the East and the West.


AVANA’s collections can be found in our retail store in Hoi An, located in central Vietnam. The CO’TU,RE collection can be found in 5-star resorts throughout Vietnam as well as through pop up stores across Europe.


Support communities and their hand-made craft work

Work with and support talented artisans

Zero-waste fashion 

AVANA’s creative process is largely inspired by the zero-waste movement.

We believe in local and bespoke production. Our fabrics and textiles are carefully sourced from around the world, mainly Asian, Africa, and the European regions. A beautiful Indian sari may be handpicked from a local market and transformed into a unique Western-style dress. The result is a rich blend of influences and cultures.


In addition to using reclaimed materials, AVANA collaborates with masterful artisans producing one-of-a-kind textiles. We work closely with the Co Tu tribe – an ethnic minority group from Vietnam’s highlands whose local hand-weavers use traditional techniques and rare tribal patterns to create their masterpieces.


AVANA operates responsibly; it’s integral that we share a common vision of sustainability with our partners. We work with our weavers and producers on equal footing, offering training and support to make this effort sustainable.

Hand-made | One-off creations | Global designs | Locally-produced | Artisan-inspired

Zero-waste fashion | Supporting communities & their dying-out craft work.

Zero-waste fashion. Supporting communities. Supporting dying crafts.

Zero-waste fashion. Supporting communities. Supporting dying crafts.