CO’TU,RE is the Design Tribe’s first project and AVANA’s primary collection by Belgian designers Aldegonde van Alsenoy and Nele De Block.

In 2012, Ava and Nele’s professional work took them to the Co Tu Villages in the Vietnamese highlands.

Inspired by the bead weaving techniques of the Co Tu hill tribe women, Ava and Nele launched CO’TU,RE – a fair-trade collection fusing high fashion with the art of weaving.


CO’TU,RE’s individually-designed pieces include handwoven appliqués produced by the Co Tu weavers. These are combined with high-quality fabrics like silk and leather and assembled into garments by local tailors in Hoi An.


Ava and Nele helped the Co Tu weavers of the Dhroong Community to form their own business group, CoTu YaYa. Ava coached them to operate as suppliers, while Nele provided technical and design support. The corporation produces handwoven textiles for various clients, including AVANA.


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Sustainable produced. Fairly Traded.

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A weaving cooperation


C0'TU,RE  brings together passionate female designers and artisans from different cultures. Through conscious collaborations, they create avant-garde wearables. The Co Tu tribe is Vietnam's second-largest ethnic group. Brocade weaving is an important part of their heritage. using a backstrap loom, weavers maneuver their bamboo devices in harmony with their body's movements - a historic craft that's been passed down through generations. Each piece comprises red, white, and blue bands, with glass beads threaded in to create symbolic patterns. The Co Tu are considered in Southeast Asia the last tribe to weave their beads by hand.  

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