Dan Quoc Nguyen

Tribal carved wooden

sculptures for AVANA

Concept Store

Recycled. De-montaged and Re-montaged. 


Dan Quoc Nguyen

After Ava designed and followed up the construction of the building Tran Phu concept store at 260 Tran Phu. Ava set up the end of 2017 a 4 months works shop and creative cooperation with Dan Quoc Nguyen. Respect for each other’s art, design, and a close friendship enabled this amazing collaboration. As a clothing designer, her choice of tribal-inspired textiles and montages with hand-made textiles are the inspiration of the interiors. Due to the outbreak of Covid AVANA decided to re-locate all the collections to her newly built warehouse and re-decorated her home with all the Art.

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Materials give a new purpose.